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Scents and sensibility

Scents and sensibility A fragrant home is not only welcoming, but also impacts your state of mind. Here are a few ways that can help you achieve just that. Did you know that a fragrance can trigger various emotions within you? A particular scent has the power to remind you of someone or some place […]

Green buildings reduces operational expenses and improve the health and productivity of the residents

Think sustainable While paving the way for sustainable development, green buildings not only reduce the operational expenses, but also improve the health and productivity of the residents. The quantum of built-up area envisaged to be urbanised is simply humongous. Therefore, in order to extricate itself from the present scenario, India must follow the principles of […]

Go green, be seen to address pollution and global warming

Today, there is an urgency to address issues such as pollution and global warming. And with developers of the residential market pledging to build environment-friendly spaces, green homes are within the reach of home-buyers. Eco-friendly buildings invite a lot of hype but there are also concrete advantages to ‘going green’ when you build them. From […]

Building walls with earth

  With scientifically improvised technology, mud buildings can be made to last for centuries, contrary to common belief. By architect Sathya Prakash Varanashi It is a curious phenomenon – we all live in a planet called Earth, walk upon it, build shelters with it, and eat from it, yet we are on our way to […]

Every breath you take

Every breath you take may not be cleaner than the air outside. With the issue of air pollution making the news every day, are we really safe in the confines of our homes? As you step out in the morning on your way to work, you can’t help, but notice the thick blanket of smog […]

All you need to know about Single emergency helpline number ‘112’

Single emergency helpline number ‘112’ launched: All you need to know 1 / 10 Single emergency helpline number ‘112’ launched: All you need to know India is finally getting its single emergency helpline number. The number is similar to ‘911’ in the United States. Launching the helpline number, the home minister Rajnath Singh said, “The helpline […]