360 Property Management Services

360 Property Management Services is a company that caters to the property management requirements of the individuals in India.  No matter what aspect of property management you need our services for, rest assured that our group is always ready to be of service.  Based in Chennai and Coimbatore, our company offers a multitude of services which ranges from commercial, residential and even retail spaces.  We have a professional group, comprised of men and women in the property management industry who have an extensive knowledge and experience in the field.  We make use of our group’s talents and commitment to help the individuals in India, making sure that as our clients, they are happy and secured about the status of their properties.

The driving force behind our company is our genuine desire to help NRI’s as they invest in properties that they cannot see to personally. We understand the difficulties involved in owning a space that you cannot manage personally – either because you have decided to reside in another territory permanently or you are temporarily living in another area to make sure that your children is getting the highest quality in education.  Rest assured that we at 360 property Management Services are very capable of handling your investments.

Aside from our professional team, we also take great pride in the wide range of services that we offer.  We know the property management industry likes the back of our hands.  And as such, we are very capable of bringing you the wide range of services.  We are not only equipped to help you save time because everything you need for your property management requirements is made available through our company.  We are also a reputable company and we have earned our good name by offering cost-effective services to satisfied clients.

We specialize in

Property Management
Custom New Construction
Tenant Management
Letting Out
Property Monitoring
Home Repair
Real Estate Buying & Selling
Interior Design

Why Seek a Property Management Service Provider?

An NRI who is interested in investing on a piece of land in his or her own country nowadays deal with a lot of complexities.  At this point, there are many difficulties encountered such as the challenging affairs the need to be settled about properties in India, the actual work of managing properties – especially I these properties are for lease and even the paperwork that comes with managing a property.  All of these complexities make it necessary to find someone whom you can entrust your properties to.  Although relatives can help in keeping an eye on the property, they may not be fully-equipped to handle the entire property management requirements for the upkeep of your investment.

Why Choose 360 Property Management Services?

Every company offers exclusive perks and privileges to their clients.  take a look at what we can offer you at 360 Property Management Services:

1.  Professional team

Our team is comprised of men who are trained to handle property management requirements.  They were also engaged in a number of training seminars to further enhance their knowledge and experience in dealing with property management dealings.  More than anything else, our teams are also very capable of handling the most tedious paperwork for the purpose of managing your investment.

2.  NRI background

The people behind the 360 Property Management Services Company knows how it is to be an NRI because they have experienced it on their own.  This makes them more equipped to handle complex issues regarding property management.  Moreover, they are also able to fully understand the impact of owning an investment in India as an NRI because they were also in the same situation before.

3. Reliable and cost-effective services

The services we offer at 360 Property Management Services are reliable because we know the process that is involved when it comes to property investment and management in India.  Because of what we know about the situation, we can make sure that our team can cater more to the specific needs of our clients.  Our status as a reputable company in the property management industry is also a good indication of what we can do for your investment.  On top of our reliable services, we are also committed to serving our clients without bleeding them dry.  This is why we are offering high-quality services for a cost-effective price.

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