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For a home makeover

Teja Lele Desai gives us eleven tips for a quick and easy home re-do

If you groom and style yourself as the season turns, doesn’t your home, your haven, deserve a styling session too? We let you in on 11 décor secrets that every stylist worth his or her salt knows but won’t tell you.

#1 The statement piece

There’s no need for a multitude of things in every room. It only results in the eye going all over and finding no focus. Just one statement-making piece does the trick.

#2 Scale with height

Use artefacts and accessories of varying heights to create a sense of scale and proportion. A statuesque floor lamp, a vase with overhanging branches or a small sculpture on a table can create a new look.

#3 Get some trays

Every table or counter has things that seem to run away from you —cosmetics in the bathroom, remotes on the coffee table and odds and ends in the entryway. Keep things together by putting them all in a stylish tray.

#4 Tea towel tales

Apart from drying-up duties, a tea towel may be used for various odd jobs in the kitchen — to spread over cooked food, cover a tea tray or mop up a mess. Pick up good looking ones and use them to add style to the kitchen.

#5 Mixed throw pillows

The throw pillows on your couch should never be the same size. Mix them up when it comes to shapes, sizes and textures to add colour and depth to your sofa styling. Odd numbers tend to look better than even.

#6 The Rule of 3

There’s a reason why the third rule is the adhered to by designers across the world. When things come in threes — be it photo frames, candles or nesting tables — they tend to look better as a group.

#7 Kitchen counter

Sure you scrub and keep it as clean as you can. But we’re referring to keeping the counter top free. So tuck away as many appliances as you can into the cabinets or wall-mount them. A cleaner counter top gives you the illusion or an airy kitchen.

#8 Put out white towels

They may be a pain to keep clean — yes, we feel it too — but there’s nothing like fresh and fluffy white towels to inject a spa-like feel into your bathroom. But make sure you keep these white babies white.

#9 Not too many

Instead of a riot of colours that seems to take you all over the place, do as the stylists do: Select a monochromatic scheme and add pops of colour. This gives you a cleaner look, one that can be changed more often.

#10 Add little touches

Simple additions and touches can add more style than big-ticket pieces. A fresh flower in a group of vases, a pretty plant in a brass planter, a comfortable throw placed on the back of the couch — small touches can elevate your styling.

#11 Less is more

When in doubt, remember that less is always more. If you can’t think of what to do to make your room look better, consider paring it down.