Moving to a New Nest – Here is the checklist !





Moving to a New Nest – Here is the checklist !

Concerned about moving to a new nest? Confused about where to start from? Here is the solution to all your ifs and buts. Undoubtedly, moving from your old house to a new one can make life chaotic. Your routine and everyday life gets tossed randomly.


Moving and rearranging household articles at some other place can become quite a cumbersome task if not planned well. So here’s the checklist on how you can plan to relocate an easy way

  1. Do it all in an organized manner


Prepare a checklist dedicated to your move. Jot down little details as it will turn out to be useful to you. Starting from your house-hunt days, it will come out to be your partner until and unless you get settled down in your new nest.

Let me tell you how it will work for you !

Still confused about the best place to live in from the numerous options available, Why don’t you just write down every single bit of information you have stolen about a property. Once you are done with that, just give a comparative study to every house you have in your options and look, the major cause of your headache is treated. Finished with the selection, now jot down what all things which you want to take with you in your new “ Aashiana”.


  1. Shed the extra luggage

It is just the right time now to get rid of those extra items from your luggage which you have never used in a lifetime and will not even use it. You just brought it to fulfill your fantasy or after seeing the same thing in your neighborhood. Remember that you are starting from scratch and it’s better not to carry unused belongings so as to make room for new things at your new place.


  1. Keep a close watch on your pocket

Have you started tracking your expenses? Not yet, It’s high time to start with it now. From the time you start planning to relocate, from then only you should start keeping a track of your expenses.

Whether you are buying a small needle or a sky, you should know how you are spending your hard earned money and is it worth spending or not. Also set your budget prior to buying anything so that you don’t end up empty handed. Some money can be kept aside in case your expenses gets exceeded than the planned budget.


  1. Go for right transportation

If you are on a go to a small distance then it is not a matter of much worry to you but in another case if you are really traveling a long way with all your household stuff moving with you, then you need to make sure that you opt for the right size of truck to carry all your belongings in one go.

Are you in a great need of information on  how to choose a right size truck? I am right here to help you out. If you are moving your one bedroom stuff then you will be need 16’ cube truck and If you are moving your two and three fully furnished house then you will at least require 24’-26’ truck to fit all your stuff in one load.


  1. Check for education and job opportunities



Once you will relocate to a new place then it will be cumbersome for you to search for some elite schools prescribed for the specific board you want for your children or to search for the job opportunities matching your profile, so it is preferable that you search for them beforehand. It is advisable to go for the residence which is close to the school of your children. For instance there are many apartments in Delhi which are in close vicinity to renowned schools, colleges and workplaces.


  1. Flourish a good social network

It could be nerve-wrecking sometimes to move to a new place where we hardly know anybody. If you are not the type of person who easily gets involved with people or can easily start a conversation with random people, then this time internet can help you out with many forums, groups and pages. You can make new friends over there or can keep yourselves updated with the latest happenings in your surroundings.

Keeping these pointers in mind, you can assure yourself with the hassle free new nest with ‘Gem of a people’ all around !!



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