Rs 300,000/-


Rs 3,000,000/- ( Thirty Lakh Rupees)


The property is located 2kms from Bharath University, 9 kms from Vandalur, 13 kms to airport, 19 kms to Phoenix Mall, 23 kms to Siruseri IT Park, 25 kms to T Nagar

Property Description

This beautiful bungalow house is surrounded by natural beauty. The house has been built by the owner with passion for nature and is eco friendly. The house is surrounded by greenery beginning from the drive way. The gates are remotely operated. Security installations include CCTV surveillance 24 hours with Cameras and Motion Detectors.

The building has a brick finish which adds to the beauty of the house. The carved stone pillars used in the house enhance the architecture. Even the car parking has some beauty to it. The house has two floors. The view of the house from the entrance is a treat to the eye. There is a Fish pond adding value to the house. A private Pillayar temple is inside the house next to the pond. The sit out is made in such a way that you can sit there in the shade and enjoy the natural beauty of the house. The entrance Nilai at the front door has been carved tastefully. High quality Teak wood has been used throughout the house. The wood has been carved.  Athangudi Tiles which is used extensively in the Chettinad houses in Southern Tamil Nadu is used for the flooring of this house. This not add only adds beauty to the house but also gives a rich look. Thulasi madam is a place to not only for worship but also to watch and enjoy. Running Water flows everywhere giving a feeling of living close to the water falls.  This home has a Pooja room. The house also has used granite and marbles in the first and second floor. Spacious kitchens are other feature of this house. The garden has been very well maintained. The terrace has been partially covered to enjoy the nature in shade.

The bungalow is ideal and Suitable for CEO and top executives of large companies, MNC and Corporate.

Eco Friendly Details

Eco Friendly Details

Water is effectively recycled. The Rainwater is harvested and stored under the Car garage area and is used for RO water for a year. This water is used as drinking water for the whole year.

Waste water is recycled! Water from bath, kitchen, basin etc. are collected and sent through 3 to 4 stages like pebbles, small stones, dust and sand and the filtered water is sent to a filtration chamber where when filled falls into the pond where again it is cleaned by the fish. This water is used for other than drinking needs.

Degradable waste is used for growing Organic farming.  A Pit is dug at one location in the garden area.  All the waste is put in the pit for decomposing.  Once the pit is filled it is covered and Saplings are planted in the pit.  No chemical or fertilizer used. Trees and plants are all organically grown in this method.

Specifications / Security

Bungalow with Car Park & Driveway
7 Bedrooms with attached Western Toilet
3 Kitchen + Dining
3 Halls
Veranda and Sit out
Each room is constructed with 11 ft roof ceiling
All rooms are well ventilated.
Ground Floor 2800 sq ft
First Floor 2200 Sq Ft
Second Floor 1500 sq ft

Electromechanically operated Gates
CCTV surveillance 24 hours with Cameras and Motion Detectors

This Eco friendly house is Fully Furnished and has 7 bedrooms (7 BHK) with attached western toilets. This bungalow has  3 Halls 3 Dining 2 Balcony and 1 terrace. The house is built in 5 grounds area. This is a 6500 sq ft house. Ground Floor 2800 sq ft, First Floor 2200 Sq Ft and Second Floor 1500 sq ft. Superior architecture. Eco friendly details are a interesting feature in this house. Water is recycled and the garden is organic. CCTV 24 hours security

Suitable for CEO and Top Executives of large companies/ MNC Corporate

No Brokerage for tenants

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